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Dr Jackie Huggins AM,
Bidjara/Birri Gubba Juru,

Educator and Coach – Dada Gana

I love being part of the leadership team because it is a wonderful expression of love and trust whilst at the same time learning good leadership and life skills. To observe participants’ transformation from the first day of the program to their last day is amazing. To be part of the excitement and the delivery team is an honour.

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Uncle Richard Watego
Bundjalung Man and South Sea Islander

Elder In Residence

I enjoy being part of the STARS Institute Leadership Team it is a great honour to be able to contribute to the lives of people who are really committed to being the best they can be. I love the reaction from the participants when they have breakthroughs. Our programs are not just about being a really good leader. They’re about being the best YOU, you can be. People come away from our programs feeling so happy and inspired – they have a new energy to get into life. I like the way the programs are presented they are REAL and down to Earth for people. People feel safe with us because we care about keeping our culture strong. As Elders, me and Aunty Judy are there for the whole program – sharing our stories, supporting the participants and leading some of the sessions. I come away on such a high as well. It’s good to know that in my senior years I can still work with my Mob to make a difference.

Aunty Judy Watego

Ngugi, Koenpul, Nunukul woman of the Junabin Clan Group, from the Quandamooka Nation

Elder In Residence & Cultural Consultant

I enjoy being part of the STARS  Leadership  Team as Wendy & Vicki, both extraordinary leaders, deliver a program that is informative, educational, inspiring and fun. Their determination in encouraging participants to perform to their highest degree, allows the participants to transform their lives. The change in them from the beginning of the program to the end, is exciting to witness.  We can’t move forward until we know where we come from. STARS Institute is committed to empowering our Mob to keep strong in their spirit and identity and for some people it means to even find their identity. This includes the white-fellas we have worked with, it’s important we all continue to work together in good ways for the greater good of all.

Suzanne Thompson,
Waka Kabi/ Bidjara/ Iningia/ Cara

Women’s Lore, Spiritualist, Healer, Artist and Cultural Facilitator & Educator – Dada Gana

Wow words just can’t explain this absolutely amazing leadership program (Dada Gana). It is my complete honour that I have been afforded the opportunity to be a part of the Youth Leadership Team. I am truly honoured that I have the opportunity to bring to the participants my life’s journey of walking in two worlds and being respected and supported for my spirituality and healing. Watching all of the beautiful strong women from around Australia step into their own leadership potential and the acceptance of being able to walk in our two worlds of cultural knowing and western practices of leadership is a truly amazing journey to witness. I thank again both Wendy and Vicki for this opportunity and my having the opportunity to work with Aunty Judy, Uncle Richard, Jackie and Sandra – you all make me stronger for who I am and what I know I can become.

Contact: 0488955935

Sandra Georgiou
Nunukal, Mulunjarlie & South Sea Islander
CEO Enterprises (Career & Education Opportunities) Enterprises, Founder of Black Bold and Beautiful

Personal Development Facilitator – Dada Gana

I have been involved with a few leadership programs and found them all to be empowering, with one being overwhelming. The Dada Gana Leadership program is presented in a very unique way of respect, honesty, insightfulness and is totally inspiring. The program allows the women to have one on one conversations each other and the presenters in a relaxed environment. All the participants have kept in touch since the beginning of this program. The connection and the delivery of the program have allowed the women to learn how to believe that there are opportunities for them to explore and expose their wonderful skills to their communities and colleagues. It was a pleasure to be involved in the Dada Gana program.

Phone: (07) 3420 5595
Mobile: 0438 448 008


Rebecca Zadegan, Team Leader

Logistics Manager

I love being part of the STARS leadership Development team because it is like being wrapped in a web of self love and self awareness. It is because of my involvement with STARS Institute that I am able to remain positive and enthused in a bureaucratic structure like government; nurture a once very challenging multi-cultural marriage; and have the TOOLS to access a very powerful live-a-life-you-love kit that I use every day of my life.