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Stars in the Media

Wendy and Vicki were keynote speakers at the Queensland Indigenous Domestic Violence Prevention Forum, organised by Central Queensland University, in Mackay on 4 May 2016

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Breaking Through and Breaking Free

Often the results we are getting as leaders mirror the results we are getting in other areas of our life.  If our inner world is in good shape then we feel good about ourselves and our passion and capacity to work well soars.  You know that the opposite is also true.  As First Nations peoples we have a lot of unfinished business going on and often it is generations of stuff.   Wendy and Vicki talk about how the Leadership 4 Life Coaching Clinic works to empowers you to get rid of the baggage from the past and be the Deadliest YOU… you can be!

NEWS ABC TROPICAL NORTH – BY Sophie Kesteven and Tegan Philpott

ABC News QLD Family and Domestic Violence Prevention Forum DOWNLOAD

98.9 FM Wendy and Vicki’s Interview with Tiga Bayles