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Social and Emotional Well Being (SEWB) Programs

How Do You Know If  You or Your Organisation Are Suffering From Wellbeing Exhaustion?”


This action packed crazy, fun training day is for you if you’re suffering from any of these symptoms:

  • Tired, grumpy, fed up, restless and frustrated with work, clients, family and life;
  • Feeling like nothing is going to change – “it’s just the-same-ol-same-ol“;
  • You’re blocking your clients calls or not getting back to them;
  • You wont share in meetings anymore, and you’d rather not be at work;
  • People are gossiping, running each other down & have stopped trusting each other;
  • You are forgetting stuff and your mind is not as sharp as it used to be;
  • Your family and colleagues can’t look at you sideways without you going off or hiding out;
  • You’re catching every flu bug going and you’re getting sick all the time
  • You just don’t seem happy anymore…

You and Your Organisation May Need To Build Up Your Wellbeing Muscles…


A Band-Aids Approach To Wellbeing Exhaustion Is Not The Answer Anymore…

In 2009 the Bureau of Statistics estimated that the life expectancy for Indigenous Australians is lower than that of the non-Indigenous population, by approximately 11.5 years for men, and 9.7 years for females. When considering these statistics, think about the long-term impact of working in a workplace that suffers from wellbeing exhaustion. And how this may increase your chances of becoming yet another statistic for the bureau.



‘Building Up Your Wellbeing Muscles” is Completely Out Of The Box and Completely Life Changing !

♥ We GUARANTEE  when you spend time with us you’ll ♥:

  • RECONNECT with your spirit and your colleagues and you’ll learn how to belly laugh again;
  • EXPERIENCE the secret business of using good medicine;
  • LEARN how to use simple tools for living longer, taming your wild side, and coping more effectively with stress and pressure;
  • DISCOVER how to easily control the biggest and most brilliant organ in your body;
  • UNDERSTAND how your perception determines your performance and results;
  • GLOW with energy, radiate self confidence and learn how to be resilient to setbacks;
  • GAIN insights into simple strategies for building great relationships in the workplace;
  • DISTINGUISH how to recognize when  inter-generational loss, grief & trauma is impacting your life, your work and your wellbeing.  AND what you can do to stop it.
  • RE-ENGAGE your heart and your head.
  • HAVE  a positive spirit not just a positive attitude…

After just one day in the room with us you’ll feel more energized, loved, alive and focused…♥♥♥

woman laughing

How  You Can Work With Us…

1.  Drop us an email or gives us a call to find out how we can best work with your group/ organsiation / department.  We can also customize the program specifically for your organization or group.


2. Watch the website for when we release dates for one day events if you are more interested in coming along alone or with a small group.

Here Is What More People Say About “Building Up Ya Wellbeing Muscles…”

“Great course and I feel I learnt a lot about myself and my grieving. People don’t currently have these skills and that’s why I had you come and deliver the program for AbSec agencies in NSW.” ♥ Bill Pritchard, CEO AbSec, Sydney NSW

“It was really good information and insightful. I feel more confident from within myself after participating. This needs to be taught to all our people to think good about themselves.” ♥ Tanya Costello

“What I liked most about the program was Wendy’s facilitation and all the scientifically proven theories which she was able to pull together and make fun. The program is also good in helping with issues related to trans-generational and inter-generational trauma within our communities.” ♥ Llewellyn Williams Link Up Brisbane

 Rick Kerr a Community Social Worker from Echuca in Victoria participated in the 1 day staff training of Building Up Your Wellbeing Muscles…