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What They Say About Vicki Scott

"Hi I am Vicki and I'm the Co-Founder with Wendy, and Executive Director, of STARS Institute of Learning and Leadership. Wendy and I co-authored the book 'Out Of The Box Thinking On Indigenous Leadership: Simple Strategies to Create An Empowering Future".

Before Wendy and I started the STARS Institute I had a long successful career which included being the executive officer to Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue AC CBE, project director of the historical Corroboree 2000, and the director of CHOGM Coordination in Queensland. I also developed a Best Practice Framework for Major Events for Queensland Government. As you will read in my testimonials I was becoming known as the Make It Happen Person.

Now in my role as the Executive Director of the STARS Institute one of the many things that inspires me about the work we do is seeing the light come on in people's eyes when they really get that they have the power to change their lives.

Thank You for taking an interest in my testimonials.


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  • Dr Lowitja O’Donoghue AC CBE
  • Jackie Huggins AM, Co-Chair, Reconciliation Australia
  • “Vicki Scott possesses outstanding organisational and communication skills which were evident in her managing of events leading up to Corroboree 2000, the largest walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Vicki brings so many strengths and abilities to her work and it has been a pleasure to have worked with her. I would trust her perception and advice unconditionally.”

  • Linda Burney MP, Member for Canterbury
  • “I have worked with Vicki Scott on a number of occasions over the last few years. I have come to know and admire her skills enormously. Her professionalism is outstanding. Her capacity to organise large events in a calm and effective way is unmatched in my experience.

    I worked with Vicki on the 1997 Reconciliation Convention, on Corroboree 2000, and then again on the 2005 Reconciliation Workshop in Canberra. Those events were large, complex and Vicki’s leadership and organisational capacity is one of the key ingredients to the events being outstanding.”

    Vicki Scott is a person whom I would work with in any situation and any capacity.

  • Peter Beattie MP, Premier And Minister For Trade
  • Ray Martin
  • Communications $ Public Relations Pty Ltd
  • Simone Webbe
  • “Vicki Scott steers her work with strategy, integrity, diligence and sheer hard work. And, with an abundance of skills, she is a valuable partner in any business endeavour.”

  • Neil Westbury PSM
  • Bob Watson (former QPS Chief Superintendent)
  • “Vicki Scott steers her work with strategy, integrity, diligence and sheer hard work. And, with an abundance of skills, she is a valuable partner in any business endeavour.”
    “Prior to, and during CHOGM, Vicki Scott spearheaded and coordinated Commonwealth, State and Local Government policy, so as to optimise long and short term commercial and domestic marketing opportunities through managed and coordinated media exposure within international, national and local outlets.

    Vicki developed strategic intergovernmental and agency coordinating structures, plans and procedures critical to ensuring optimum overall benefits were achieved at all levels of government, especially as the event particularly related to building and strengthening confidence to secure increased local investment portfolios and tourism.

    As a direct result of Vicki’s achievements, there was a successful implementation and adoption of these values, at all levels of government and with stakeholders and community groups who have all acknowledged significant overall benefits.

    CHOGM was recognised by the Prime Minister and Premier as the most successful major political event coordinated within Australia this century, with special reference being made to the changing and adverse international and local conditions/environment as they related to the implementation and management of strategic high risk security coordinating arrangements.”