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Decolonise the Mind


Yurra, Yurra, welcome, welcome to our Resources on Decolonisng the Mind.  These resources are part of our self-care cultural education and they are designed to empower you to begin critically reflecting on how your thinking and ways of being in the world have been heavily influenced by the history and continuance of colonisation.

It is intended that as you work your way through the resources offered here, you will be started on an inward journey from colonisation to self liberation.

You will find that you will be challenged by the content and suggestions for actions by some of the resources and we make no apologies for that.  First Nations Peoples have been labelled and conditioned as inferior, and it may sound something like “Blackfulla’s aren’t as good as Whitefellas” as we distinguished in our book “Out Of The Box Thinking On Indigenous Leadership:  Simple Strategies to Create An Empowering Future.

Intellectually it is easy to dismiss this inferior label as outdated nonsense.  But consider that over time this inferior label has been used to position First Nations People economically and socially, successfully and silently embedding beliefs of inferiority within the Australian psyche and off the radar of awareness.

♥ Yuwai Yuwai We Hope You Enjoy The Resources ♥




Show Proper Respect To The Importance Of Eldership

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Decolonising The Mind Starts With You