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Teena Akiba Workplace, Health & Safety Officer

IMG_2764The benefits in having Dada Gana run over 7 months is that it gives you time to practice the learnings and use them in real situations.  I have more clarity around the importance of using intentionality in my action.  I am now able to live life differently and think outside the box.  "Give It A Go"...It changes your life (work,family).  It helps you grow.

Teena Akiba Workplace, Health & Safety Officer.  Torres Strait Islander Regional Council

Nolita Edwards Counsellor

Counsellor, Echuca Victoria

Nolita Participated in Building Up Your Wellbeing Muscles 1 Day Staff Training Workshop

Rick Kerr Social Community Service Worker

Social Community Service Worker Baroona Healing Centre Echuca Victoria

Participant in Building Up Your Wellbeing Muscles 1 Day Staff Training

Dada Gana is a great program and the best thing I found about it is that it allowed me to grow at my own pace.  I was very apprehensive when I first came to the first Leadership School, the music, the vibe, and all the other deadly women made it so easy just to relax and feel part of it, it was great.  The second school was challenging.  I loved the Tribes concept, it reinforced for me the significance of being a Black woman, a woman, and a career woman.  The ongoing support of the Dada Gana leadership team, particularly Vicki and Wendy remains until this day.

Lorraine Tutton Manager for the South Region for DATSIMA

“What I liked most about the program was Wendy’s facilitation and all the scientifically proven theories which she was able to pull together and make fun. The program is also good in helping with issues related to trans-generational and inter-generational trauma within our communities.”

 Llewellyn Williams Link Up Brisbane, QLD

“I was very impressed with the content and the way STARS delivered their Laugh Your Way to Wellness program, and have asked them to deliver staff training for our organisation.”

Bill Pritchard, CEO of Aboriginal Child, Family and Community State Secretariat (AbSec), Sydney.

My time at Dada Gana Indigenous Women's Leadership program goes beyond what I anticipated as being a strong woman leader. It has brought out what I am about, it has brought out my own knowledge, it has brought out my own connection, it has brought out that my vision does matter,  and it has brought out that a whole new relationship between women from outside their own country appreciate each other.

Andrea Brown, Community Development Officer, Clarence Valley Council

The Leadership program is different from others in content, structure and delivery, it provides you with the tools and power of you! Understanding transgenerational trauma was a huge learning for me – significantly! Because it enabled me to identify a ‘not so good past’, why it happened the way it did and also gave me tools to create a life I want (MY blueprint for success).

Kelly McKellar-Nathan, Team Leader, Brisbane City Council

The Leadership program is real. It has answered many unanswered questions I had about myself. It has given me the courage to act on my goals.

Lisa Baker-Clark, Cultural Liaison Officer, Brisbane Correctional Centre

Thank you so much for providing such a safe and nurturing environment to delve and learn more about myself and my patterns and beliefs and the patterns, behaviours, beliefs and trans generational stories of others that have had such an impact in my life and often affecting my well-being and my career. The tools have really helped me and I am continuing use them on a daily basis. My family have seen a noticeable change in my attitude and patterns also and the tools are helping the whole family.

Tracey Finlay Boys, Brisbane.

Before I came to the program my programming of life and how I grew up stopped me from reaching my full potential. I can now focus on my vision and choosing magical language.

Moey Kibble, Child Safety.

I came to the Bootcamp 4 Life program to open my mind and body to new thinking and acting. I learned that my blueprint can be changed and I don’t need to be afraid of success.

Cheryl Jacob, CEO/Manager of Winnam Aboriginal and TSI Corporation.

The program is completely different from anything I have done before. It is raw, playful, emotional. I now really GET that I can create my future and I have the tools to create and enjoy my life.

Bernadette Thurgate, Support Officer, Child Safety

“I didn’t realise how constrained I was by the mistakes I have made in my own past. I can now be a better leader for the youth in my community.”

John Dick, Kowanyama Youth Worker

I had less direction and certainty on what I wanted to apply myself to. After doing Leadership 4 Life I am now more focused and my purpose remains stronger in thought. I have gone onto challenging myself to a Cert IV in Indigenous Leadership and will complete it in June 2012.”

Zeke Shaw, NSW Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff’s Officer.

“Simple and logical information - was great!! I strongly believed that it was a unique program as it was presented by an Aboriginal Person.” Since the program, I have been asked to present a paper at a national education conference in Perth in October, and now believe I can do it well.

Deb Jackson. Caboolture Early Years Centre. Indigenous Family Support Worker.

“I thought the course was confronting and scarey but now feel more confident and have a belief in my capabilities I didn’t have before. The Leadership Team was very effective – the combination of Wendy and Vicki and their very different skills was unique and helpful.”

Hazel Hind, Victoria.

“I wanted to delve deeper into my identity and bring to surface things that were suffocating my future potential. I now feel I can get on with being deadly and change my state of being. I feel I can now change the way I speak about both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and how I speak in general.”

John Murray, Woomera Aboriginal Corporation.

“I didn’t realise how I talk so negatively to myself. I feel I can now finish my studies and feel confident in networking.”

Teboni Blair, Caboolture Early Years Centre.

“I wanted to step outside the mask I held in front of me and the man I never was. Now I can become the man I always wanted to be.” Ten months after the program....”Since the program, on the health front I have lost 45kgs and feeling fit as a fiddle. Family... wow what a great time... I spent lots of time with my son, visited my mother and father in Cairns, went to Tassie and spent time with my daughters... my partner and I bought a house... and in my thoughts, I was a great house hubby!!!!”

Chris Simpson, FaHCSIA, Canberra.

“I wanted new leadership skills and to develop new networks. The program was a breath of fresh air to help me walk a new path. I will be looking after my health, especially for my baby’s sake, and I will develop guidelines to do my job so others can help.”

Camille, NT Indigenous Leadership program, Darwin NT.

“Wendy, you are one of the best facilitators I have had the pleasure to work with. I benefitted from the focus on very personal issues that can hold a person back from fully realising their potential, letting go of limiting beliefs and finding and believing your true value.”

Kim McIlveen, FaHCSIA, Money Management.

“I wanted to gain confidence to lead and to learn pathways for my vision. Each day of the program I felt my growth and leadership expanding beyond to belief and truth. An excellent coaching clinic. The content and teaching are a must.”

Elizabeth Miller

I liked the people and the amount of interaction and role play, also the breaking down and building up components. Since doing the program I am actively going after some large changes and moves in my life – workwise and personally - and I have a clearer focus and am moving towards my goals constantly and consistently.”

Felicity Evans, Principal Project Officer, DETE.

“It is like nothing I have ever done before – other courses look at cognitive skills, drugs, their effects on you but none actually look at why you do drugs in the first place”

Female, 35yrs, who had been incarcerated.

I have just realised why I spend $200 on a pair of shoes – because I wanted people to think I was worth being liked! I can now make a different choice.”

Aboriginal mother of 4, 28yrs of age, Brisbane.