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“Strong Hearing, Strong Thinking, Strong Understanding!”

Yurra, Yurra, welcome, welcome!  WATCH  this space for when the NEXT  Dada Gana National Indigenous Leadership Program is OPEN!

DOWNLOAD  Dada Gana_Information_document  FOR MORE  INFORMATION

Dada Gana recognises and respects the complex histories and modern day challenges of leadership in the 21st century that are unique to First Nations peoples.  The uncertainty of the current climate within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs is causing instability and  havoc for First Nations peoples.  As a result our children, Old People, organisations and communities are suffering greatly and often silently.

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We all feel this suffering deeply within our hearts, and even though our spirits may be strong, there are times when emotionally, physically and mentally we too are suffering in silence. On top of this we have continue to soldier on trying to stay strong for our Mob, whilst juggling work, family, cultural responsibilities, and  community expectations.

Yes Dada Gana is truly ‘out of the box’ and in my work experience of training it was the best medicine both culturally and as a woman.  With my eyes and ears open feeling my strength in my culture, my ancestors and family with me I can achieve so much more in my personal and professional life.  My thinking and my approach to situations has changed quite remarkable.”

Margaret Grenfell Sustainability Support Officer – Culture and Community Straddie Camping

DOWNLOAD Dada Gana_Information_document  FOR  MORE  INFORMATION

As leaders who aspire to make a real difference we need new practical and simple skills, new thinking, and new ways of being highly effective in this fast changing world if we are going to successfully lead in the changes we are here to make, keep our own well-being and health strong, and pave the way for others…



  • “Having the program run over 7 months allowed us time to practice the learnings by using them in real life situations”  Teena Akiba
  • “Having the 2nd Leadership School at Minjerribah as a residential and sharing an apartment with my sista-gal group worked well.  This workshop brought us closer together as a sista group and on a friendship level.” Cheryl Harward
  • “Being in a group of strong women empowers you.  You want to go that one step further and better yourself rather than staying in your comfort zone.”   Amy Blow
  • “I love the way we are able to have interaction with the leadership team and hear their personal stories.  You feel equal amongst the group.”  Sonia Minniecon


  • feeling and knowing they are strong in their culture, identity and spirit;
  • freed up from the constraints of a colonial mindset;
  • growth in their emotional fitness, well-being and resilient;
  • masterful communicators who know how to have difficult conversations with ease;
  • highly skilled in building and sustaining good healthy relationships;
  • confident in how they can turn an idea into a real life result

Dada Gana leadership focuses on educating and training you in how to apply all the knowledge and skills in the program immediately. We want you to be able to use and optimise your learnings, and increase your performance so that you can produce real-time personal and professional results.

“Its one of a kind and brings out the best in you.”  Loran Bowie

“Be prepared to be shocked.  Be prepared to want to change your leadership.  Be prepared for the best conversations.” Suzanne Connoll-Andrews

“Be ready for an awakening of heart, mind, and spirit – it’s worth it.  It changes your life choices.  great support and friendships.”  Margie Grenfell

DOWN Dada Gana_Information_document  FOR MORE  INFORMATION

The National Dada Gana Indigenous  Leadership program is sponsored by the Australian Government’s Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and designed and lead by the STARS Institute of Learning and Leadership.

Thank You for taking an interest in Dada Gana.  Download themore details and watch the Website for the open dates for the next program!
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