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The Real Mission In Life Is Knowing Who You Are, Where You Are Going and Why?

Let me ask you this:

  • Do you ever stop to think why you do the things you do?
  • Do you ask yourself how you got to have the life you have?
  • Have you been embarrassed at some of the ugly things you have said or done that  did not truly represent your real thoughts, or who you are really, actions that made you feel lousy?


It’s OK!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably regretted things you’ve done in the past… and decisions you’ve made. But despite this “knowing”, you don’t know how to change the way you react to these situations when they show up again in your life. It sucks I know!

The thing is… you’re not alone! Here’s what Wendy said…

“When I was the acting Deputy Principal of Cairns West State School in 1995 I was haunted by the belief that I wasn’t good enough and if people knew this they wouldn’t like me. My personal and professional life revolved around getting the approval of people at any cost really…

On the outside everything looked great, yeah I was the epitome of a highly successful professional black woman, but inside my mind was a mess. I was emotionally exhausted, restless and unhappy, and I just didn’t know it at the time.” ♥ Wendy Watego

How to deal with past unresolved upsets, and experience transformational change.

A hectic pace, constant demands, and distractions can leave you feeling threatened and overwhelmed. Yet at the same time they can be a place of comfort to escape from the past. Sometimes it is much easier and more comfortable for you to fade into the background, and not stand out.

The problem is: you can easily become trapped in this constant state of unsure-ness and stuck-ness. And as you do, you go about pretending that all is well, and give up on your dreams and goals because it seems just too hard to pursue them.

“This program is very different from anything else I have done…. I can now see myself having a vision and really focusing on my results.”  ♥ Moey Kibble, Queensland

You don’t need to be an intellectual or have a degree to be happy, successful and fulfilled. But you do need to learn and understand how to manage your emotions with intelligence. This alone will allow you to build new thinking and behavioural habits so you can develop your unique gifts and talents to get you where you want to be.  And the great thing is that when you know how to master your mind it wont seem so bad when you drop a few balls.


Bootcamp 4 Life shares with you those secrets!

The program has answered many unanswered questions I had about myself. It has given me the courage to act on my goals”.  ♥ Lisa Baker-Clark, Brisbane

In the eight years we’ve been running Bootcamp 4 Life Programs throughout Queensland and New South Wales, people have transformed their lives using the simple strategies and effective methods designed for empowering them to get the most out of their life.

People come away from the program with wisdom, and a new confidence to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates.

“The Deadly Trainers are different from anything else I have experienced. I had forgotten where I had come from and can now see that anything I want to achieve is possible.” ♥ Julie Allen, Redlands, Queensland

Bootcamp 4 Life is presented as a two or three day program designed to help you:

  •   BUILD your confidence, and DESTROY your fear;
  • UNDERSTAND the impact of trans-generational trauma;
  • DISCOVER how to cure yourself from “excuse-itis”;
  • STAY calm and THINK clearly in the face of upsets, panic and anger;
  • BOUNCE back from setbacks, and turn them into new opportunities;
  • THINK like a champion, and learn to run your own brain; and
  • CREATE a plan for life, one that inspires you.
Wendy and Vicki have more than 65 years experience between them in knowing what it takes to create a life that you love, and to love the life you live. We use a holistic, integrated approach for empowering you to blast through obstacles. You will learn how to empower yourself and lay a strong foundation to create your own happiness and success.


Make a difference – to your life!

Bootcamp 4 Life is an exciting adventure. It is designed to help make a difference in your life, in the lives of your family and in the lives of your community. The program is backed by our own personal, and professional experience. We don’t simply talk what we teach, we walk it!

“The program structure, content and focus was unique. I can see how many people could benefit from learning more about themselves.” ♥ Jean Marshall, Brisbane

Bootcamp 4 Life is driven by one key message, “Don’t just think about it, do it!”

How Can I Participate In Bootcamp 4 Life?

1.  Watch the Website and our FaceBook Page for dates and details of when we are running programs for people who are interested in coming along as an individual or as part of a small team from an organization.


2.  As an service provider you may be interested in your clients participating in a customized Bootcamp 4 Life program.  Please contact us directly for more details.


3.  If your organization, department, or team of 10 or more people are interested in participating together, we can customize a Bootcamp 4 Life just for you.  Please contact us directly for more details.

We appreciate you taking an interest in the Bootcamp 4 Life Program and we’d love to have you join us for one.  The program is life changing…