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Shaping Transforming And being Responsible for Self.

 Michael Gilsenan of Blacklines developed the STARS INSTITUTE of Learning and Leadership logo, based on our five sacred values: healing, identity, responsibility, leadership, and vision (for the future).These cornerstones inspire everything we do and stand for.

Our logo is based on the star symbol; a powerful symbol used for centuries as a central navigation tool. The star enfolds the core principles of humanity, and all that is. Our star logo represents the 21st Century Aboriginal Dreaming… the story that connects our past with the present and the future. The star’s centre represents our inner world. The five central lines inside the star are encoded with our ancestral and tribal story lines, and our song lines. And each of these is imprinted with our DNA.

These tribal lines connect us to our land, country, mob, language, lore, and practices. In fact some 60,000 years of indigenous culture are imprinted inside these lines! The five inner stars, or triangles blend and balance our inner worlds: the spiritual, mental, emotional, cultural, and physical worlds. The large outer star represents the STARS INSTITUTE of Learning and Leadership, and the pivotal role we play in empowering and educating indigenous people of Australia to keep their inner world strong, grounded and connected, whilst training them to think outside the box and produce breakthrough results in their outer world.

The arms of the star represent the movement of always searching for more innovative, smart and vibrant ways to create new possibilities and opportunities to grow as an Institute. The five large circles encased in the arms of the flowing stars represent the five sacred messages of STARS INSTITUTE of Learning and Leadership – healing, identity, responsibility, leadership, and vision for the future. The smaller inner circles represent the challenges we must overcome, and the initiations we must facilitate, to live and lead successfully in the trans-generational world.